Looking for a remedial substance to help fights against Viruses due to pandemic affects almost the whole nation!

First and foremost we have to identify the specific factors, why some people easily get sick and other not, what make it difference? what i’ve learned getting ill it might be the immune system of the body merely not supported of antibodies (immunoglobulins). One thing for sure we have to shield our body’s against bacteria, microbes, germ and viruses. Being protective from numerous bacteria, microbes as well as viruses spreading throughout the nation. We should have a strong fundation of our health. For that we really need to be conscious of our food through nutritive food that we take daily. However not surprisingly almost people in the planet preferred to a delicious food rathar than to eat a nutritive values foods.

One big mistakes that we encountered now a days especially some young profissional, they enjoyed hang up with friend they took thier meal patronizing in a fastfood, now what do you expect?, thus they practice right nutrition that will contribute to their health?

Yes, our body itself has antibodies however with wrong intake of proper nutition it might be depleted.

To correct from wicked practices, we inforced our children as young to educate them well. What the foundation they need in our system. One way is to teach them well what PROPER NUTRITION do in our health. Body building is highly recommended.

Published by Esther Su rosallo

Strong, Independent and Versatile Woman

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