We’re world leaders in colostrum-based natural health products.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself, I am Esther Su Rosallo Lubo, a BS Nutrition and Dietetics graduates at Lourdes College, in Cagayan De Oro City, year 1988. Thus, I also took up my Masteral in UP Diliman in Quezon City, Philippines. Major in Food Service Administration.

Nevertheless, I was in a Hotel and Restaurant Services for almost 13 years in different establishment, one of those are Camilot Hotel, Cafe Elysse Restaurant, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Craving Restaurant and The Orange Place Hotel, I was also one of the representative of (EHAP) Executive Housekeeper Association of the Phils. Right after of my early retirement, I decided to put up my own Business, beacuse running a business of your own is better than to be employed …

I pursue my profession to be one of a Filipino Business woman, a realtor, Landscapers, Caterer of Flower Arrangements for all occations. Eventually, I am one of a accredited and Registered in (PhilGEPS) Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System, up to present. Although, I am also working in New Image International, as Independent marketer and distributor up to present.

I am a Strong, Independent and Versatile woman, a woman consedered things factionist and realization based of my existence thru my generation!

Accordingly, I am in a state of planning a huge scale in Marketing, Selling of goods and Services using the Ecommerce.

Born: December 31, 1964

Founded: Home of Roses and Artworks by Eighneil and Ace Online Shopping

Nationality: Philippines

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